5 tips to use a straightening iron without damaging your hair

Even if the flat irons are becoming safer and less and less burning the hair, we should not use them excessively in order to let the hair rest from time to time.

The frequent use of straighteners tends to have negative consequences on the health of our hair . Since it is an almost indispensable "tool" in beauty rituals, it is important to know how to use it.

You should know that the use of all heat tools on our hair tends to damage them. This is why we are going to give you directions to better use hair dryers and straighteners.

Take note of these 5 tips and enjoy beautiful hair, but also strong and healthy.

1. Choose the best hair straightener for you

We choose the one that best fits our budget. But before spending too much or choosing the cheapest, consider the following tips:

- The best straighteners, not too expensive, are the ceramic ones. They facilitate the straightening of the hair and the heat is transmitted optimally without burning. View Fahrenheit Flat Iron Reviews to get more details on this.

- The temperature should range from 75 ºC to 240 ºC, but the average temperature is 190 ºC.

- If you often curl or curl, choose a straightening iron with this possibility.

2. Straighten your hair always dry

Never use the straightener on your wet hair as you could burn it. We often dry our hair with the hair dryer and then we use the straightening iron.

Be aware that these are two very intense heat tools that, in the long term, will damage your hair.It is best to let the hair dry in the open air and then use the straightening iron.

Remember the importance of always using the straightening iron with dry hair: it's safer.

3. Pre-treatments: a good hair protection option

One of the best ways to take care of your hair is to use good hair protection.

- There are a wide variety of products, which protect hair from heat. You only have to choose the one that fits your needs: facilitate brushing or smoothing, sun protection …

- Hair protectors are applied to wet hair .

- You can use the hair protector every day and it is also advisable to apply a mask once a week.

- Also remember to use moisturizers for the hair, they will be your best allies.

4. Detangle and divide your hair into strands

It is very common to get up in the morning and use the straightening iron as you would a toothbrush. It's quick and it gets the hairstyle we want.

However, if you want to keep beautiful, neat and healthy hair , it is necessary to devote a little time to it.

- Brush your hair well because if they have knots and are tangled, you will burn them and the end result will be missed.

-Divide your hair into strands not too thick to facilitate straightening and care.

Remember not to leave the straightening iron too long on the strands of hair. If you do not like the result, remove and start again after it has cooled, but do not leave the machine on the same wick because otherwise it will burn.

5. Don't straighten your hair every day

You may be used to seeing your hair straight and straight, but if it is not in its natural form, and if you punish your curly or curly hair every day with the straightener, the consequences will be felt sooner or later. later.

- Let your hair rest for at least a day or two. This will allow them not to weaken too much.

- It is also important not to forget about hair treatments such as protective or moisturizing creams, especially if you are using straightening irons intensively.

- Finally, you should know that little girls should not use the straightening iron too early, because it is not good for their hair.

With a good device, good treatment and good use (it is important to clean it regularly), you will have beautiful and healthy hair.